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Wedding Rings

We offer an incredible collection of wedding rings for couples. Or let us custom design a wedding set for you both. 

Women’s Wedding Rings

It’s traditional to wear the wedding ring closest to the heart, and wear the engagement ring above the wedding ring. Consider how both rings will fit together.

Some rings are designed to fit together as a set. Many women want them to match or look like a set. But she might choose rings that aren’t a matching set or she might decide she wants a classic wedding band. 

Maybe she doesn’t want diamonds. A gemstone ring may be the perfect complement to her engagement ring. 

Men’s Wedding Rings

Some couples choose matching wedding rings. Choose from the classic wedding band in a wide range of widths to bands with unique detailing, brushed surfaces, or accent diamonds to suit your style and preference. But most importantly, consider your lifestyle. Don’t choose something delicate, if you do heavy work with your hands. 

Before shopping, consider the following:

What color metals do we like?
Think about your options and make some preliminary choices before you shop to avoid getting overwhelmed with options.

How much do we want to customize it?
Will they be plain and simple or something one-of-a-kind? Decide, and then also keep in mind that more customization and extras such as engraving options usually means more money.

What’s our budget?
When you think about it, wedding rings seem more reasonably priced when you divide it by the number of days you’ll wear them.

Do we want to match?
You’re both different people and might have a tough time finding matching sets that you both like. You don’t have to match.