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You need to determine if investing in bullion is right for you. Are you buying to balance your portfolio or for asset protection? The type of investment and amount to invest will drastically impact your choices. 
There are many reasons to buy bullion. You can purchase bullion for its beauty, for its utility, as a unique gift, but its primary usefulness is as an investment. Nearly everyone can benefit from at least a small amount of bullion in their investment portfolio. 
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How much should you invest in bullion?

Most advisors suggest 5-20% of your portfolio should be committed to precious metals.
Purchase bullion as your budget allows. Set a goal for the percentage of your investments bullion will represent, somewhere between 5-20% depending on your tolerance for risk.

How often should you buy bullion?

After you decide on the amount to purchase, decide how often you want to buy it. Frequent and smaller purchases will help spread your risk over time more than infrequent larger bullion purchases. Metals are a long term investment. Set a schedule to purchase bullion in smaller quantities in addition to buy orders when your preferred metal dips below a certain threshold.