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Promise Rings

A promise ring is a ring that symbolizes a promise or commitment between two people. Typically a token of romance, promise rings can also convey friendship, chastity, and loyalty. Promise rings can be for two people or given to only one person. They can be worn by men or women. No matter what the type of promise ring or the vow it represents, it should not appear to be an engagement or wedding ring. But that doesn’t mean your promise ring can’t be equally as stunning. 

Let us assist you in choosing one of the following types of promise rings: 

Pre-engagement: Promise rings are given when two people have decided that they will be getting engaged and then married in the future. This is the most common meaning for promise rings and in most cases, these promise rings are replaced by the engagement or wedding ring later on. They’re typically worn on the left hand ring finger. 

Purity: These promise rings have a slightly different meaning as they symbolize a commitment or promise to remain chaste or abstain from something. A good example is when a parent gives a purity promise ring to their child and it’s meant to symbolize a promise by the child, to remain sexually pure until marriage. These promise rings are typically worn on the left hand ring finger, as well. But some purity promise rings are for keeping a pledge or promise to yourself such as not drinking or smoking in which case, it could be worn on any finger. 

Friendship: This is a ring between friends that symbolizes their loyalty and dedication to their friendship.  These promise rings can be worn on any finger, but it’s probably best not to wear it on your left hand ring finger, so there aren’t any misunderstandings on the intent. 

Religious: This type of promise ring would symbolize something that a person is willing to do to show religious devotion. Like most promise rings, a religious promise ring would involve a commitment for a lifetime. These promise rings can be worn on any finger.